When Acne And Eczema Are Causing Problems With Your Skin

Posted on: 16 May 2016


Acne is caused when there is inflammation or infection of your sebaceous glands. Eczema is the term used for a number of skin conditions, marked by irritated or inflamed skin. While there are a number of varying symptoms to eczema, the main symptom is itchiness. The itchiness that comes with eczema often begins before a rash is present, making it difficult to identify why your skin is itchy in the first place. Many people who suffer from acne also have patches of eczema on their face. Both acne and eczema are two separate problems that are treated differently.

Dry or Scaly Skin

Eczema has a distinct look, as it causes patches of dry, scaly skin to erupt. Sometimes the patch of eczema will be raised, or red in color. The appearance can also be white, flaky skin, depending on what stage the rash is in when you discover it. The rash can also ooze clear fluid, a sure sign that eczema is present. You can try an over the counter lotion that does not contain any perfumes to try and calm down the eczema rash. If it does not go away within a few days or is considerably bothersome, call your doctor for a professional opinion.

Clogged Sebaceous Glands

Acne often takes the form of red bumps on the skin, sometimes with white pustules in the middle. When a sebaceous gland becomes clogged, a bump will form. To combat acne, it's important to use cleansers designed to reduce bacteria and calm the sebaceous glands down.

Causes of Eczema 

When you have an eczema or acne flair up, there are any number of reasons that your skin is getting irritated. Whether you have tried a new perfume, or your clothes were washed in a new detergent, it's helpful to look for any changes to see what might be causing this irritation. Some people get eczema from seasonal allergies, or from allergies to food. 

Many people find that a warm bath in colloidal oatmeal is effective at soothing eczema, especially if you have large patches of it on your body. This oatmeal can be found in any number of products, and it is effective at soothing your skin. Set in a warm bath, the anti-inflammatory properties of colloidal oatmeal and the anti-itch properties can be felt almost immediately.

If you have a skin condition that is resistant to at home treatments, it may be time to try prescription medications in order to get your eczema under control. Talk with your doctor about your acne treatment options.