Extreme Facial Makeover! Five Ways To Overhaul Your Face

Posted on: 23 August 2016


Facial plastic surgery is not just for the stars anymore. More and more people, including teenagers and tweens are having cosmetic procedures on their faces. Why? Because you can finance it or take out a loan for it, something which was not that common in the Golden Age of Hollywood. Here are five ways to overhaul your face, regardless of your age.


A "nose job" is one of the top facial procedures requested by patients. Even teenagers who hate the nose genetics gave them are begging their parents for rhinoplasty, and why not? You can remake your nose into any nose at all. If you have a favorite movie star and his or her nose is the one you adore, you can have the exact same nose via plastic surgery. Just make sure that such a distinctive schnozz looks good on your face before you commit to it—a process that can be done with virtual reality "before and after" imaging at the doctor's office.

Cheekbone Enhancements

Does your smile lack some emphasis? Do your cheeks all seem to blend into your face? Then maybe you could really bring out your cheekbones with some enhancements. This usually involves a couple of implants to make your cheekbones pop, and then a little liposuction to thin out the fat pads under the cheekbones. 

Chin Implants

Patients with weak chins or faces that seem devoid of any real chin at all can really benefit from having chin implants. You can even get a cleft-dimpled chin, courtesy of some very special implants that reproduce the Michael Douglas look. If you do chin implants and rhinoplasty, you have quite a different looking face already.


"Blepharoplasty" is complicated word that just means "eyelid surgery." In short, you think your eyes look puffy, tired and half-closed. The plastic surgeon removes the fat pads that swell in the morning and lifts your lids by removing some of the sagging skin so that your eyes look wide awake and refreshed. Usually this surgery is something older people pursue, but many younger people who dislike how their eyes look will ask for this procedure too.


There is a lot of buzz on the internet about making your lips huge when you suck the air out of a shot glass. The result is only temporary, you end up looking fake and even slightly silly, and in a few seconds no one can tell there is anything different about your lips at all. Instead, have some fat cells taken from your own body and inject it into  your lips. Thin or moderately full lips will suddenly seem like the perfect kisser and the results will last.

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