Dealing With Acne Scars: Treatments You Can Try

Posted on: 29 September 2016


Acne scars can be embarrassing and have a negative effect on your self esteem. Whether you have mild darkening in your skin where acne has once thrived or you have deep pock marks that make your cheeks, chin, and forehead look uneven, there are treatments you can use to help improve the appearance of your facial skin. Here are treatments you can try to improve your skin's health and appearance after suffering from severe acne.


Microneedling is the process of introducing a controlled injury to your skin in order to promote collagen production and healing. The procedure involves penetrating your affected areas with tiny needles to make a small wound. Done in the dermatologist's office, you are given a topical anesthetic to control any pain to make the procedure more comfortable. The goal of microneedling is to make your skin produce more collagen, which then fills in the pock marks and scars that are on your face that you are self-conscious about. You may require a few treatments, spaced 4-6 weeks apart, to get the results you need.

Pinpoint plasma facial

Also known as the "vampire facial," this unique way to treat skin imperfections involves taking blood drawn from your body and reintroducing it into your facial skin via tiny needles (you may have even seen this procedure done on a famous celebrity). This facial is purported to rejuvenate the skin by introducing platelets and plasma back into the flesh for a youthful glow and plump, healthy skin. This may be a way you can repair existing damage caused by acne.

Over-the-counter products

If you don't want to try anything in the dermatologist's office and prefer to tackle your skin condition from home, there are many over-the-counter products you can try. You want to try products that have Vitamin C in them to help rejuvenate skin and make pink and red scarring fade. If you are trying home remedies to get rid of acne scars, witch hazel, green tea extract, and lavender oil can help improve skin texture and clarity.

You don't have to live with horrible acne scars forever. There are many ways you can reduce or eliminate pock marks, discoloration, and other scars so you can feel more confident with your skin. As you treat existing acne or older scars, try to wash your face regularly to keep dirt and bacteria at bay and talk to your dermatologist if your acne does not improve with time. For more information about ways to treat acne scars, talk to a professional at KN Medspa.