3 Ways to Keep Healthy After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Posted on: 30 May 2018


If you are having an elective breast augmentation surgery, it is important to remember that even though it is an elective procedure, it is still a surgical procedure. That means that you need to give yourself time and space to heal. In order to stay healthy following breast augmentation surgery, you need to get assistance, manage your pain appropriately, and get lots of rest.

Arrange for Assistance

You just underwent a major surgery, which means that you need to take it easy. To start with, you are not going to be allowed to do any heavy lifting for weeks following your surgery. That means if you have children at home that still need to be lifted, you'll need to have a caregiver on hand at all times that you are with your child to assist you with lifting. If cleaning your house involves lifting heavy objects, you'll want to outsourcing cleaning your home. If you need to do any physical activity that involves lifting, you need to find someone else to do that for you.

Additionally, you are going to be prescribed narcotics for the pain. It is important to remember that you cannot drive at all when you are taking narcotics. Until you are done with your pain medication, you can't get behind the wheel of a car, so you need to make alternative arrangements for any transportation needs for you and your family.

Plan for Pain Management

After your surgery, you may need to take some pain medication. If your doctor gives you pain medication, get the order filled right away. You are most likely to need prescription-strength pain medication in the first hours and days following your surgery. After that, over-the-counter pain medication should do the trick.

If after more than a few days you are still experiencing pain that is so strong that you need prescription strength pain killers, check in with your doctor about complications. Be sure to properly dispose of any pain medication that you don't use.

Get Lots of Rest

Finally, make sure that you keep your schedule open in the days right after your breast surgery. You are going to want to make sure that you get lots of rest. You are going to need to get lots of rest in order to allow your body time to heal. Getting rest is one of the best ways you can allow your body to heal after the serious procedure it went through.