What Is Life Like After CoolSculpting Treatment?

Posted on: 5 March 2021


CoolSculpting has gained a reputation for being a great non-surgical option for people who want to lose fat. If you have stubborn fat, you might be considering CoolSculpting treatment to get rid of it. Whether you get treatment on your abdomen, chin, back, or thighs, you need to know how to recover from treatment.

Here's what to expect after your first CoolSculpting treatment session.

Get Some Rest

It is important that you relax for a while after the procedure. While it may not be a major surgery, it is important that you get some rest and avoid hitting the gym right away. You will recover more easily if you allow your body some time. Don't force physical activity right away. You will be a bit swollen following the procedure, and you will need some time for the swelling to subside.

Exercise When You Are Able

After you feel better with the swelling, make sure that you continue to exercise. This is especially important if you just worked hard to lose fat and now want to make sure you maintain your results. CoolSculpting permanently eliminates existing fat cells, but fat cells can develop again. This is why it is important to maintain an active lifestyle.

Talk to Your Doctor About Pain Medicine

After CoolSculpting, your doctor may recommend that you take specific types of pain medicine. For example, your doctor may recommend against taking anti-inflammatories. These medications may actually deter your results. If you have a lot of pain, your doctor can help you.

Compression Garments May Be Helpful

Some people recommend bringing compression garments that will help with any tenderness and swelling. You may experience some discomfort, and the compression garment can help you stay comfortable for the next week or so. Of course, you should speak with your doctor about the garments and make sure they will be safe for you to wear.

Massage Can Help

Massage helps address the swelling and pain. As uncomfortable as it may be, massage can help the frozen fat cells break down. This helps your body eliminate them quickly. You can have somebody else massage you carefully so that you can see the results efficiently.

CoolSculpting Is a Good Option

If you are a candidate for CoolSculpting, you should consider the post-treatment expectations. If you are ready to pursue treatment, speak with a professional who understands your goals. They can help you recover after treatment.