Common Questions About Botox for Wrinkles

Posted on: 11 May 2022


Botox injections are a common treatment for wrinkles. They've been around and FDA-approved for many years, and they're widely available from most dermatologists. To help you feel even more comfortable about getting Botox, review the following questions and answers about the treatment.

Is Botox toxic?

The name "Botox" does come from the name of the active ingredient in these shots, botulinum toxin. This is a substance given off by the bacteria that cause botulism. If you were to ingest the toxin, it would give you digestive distress and act as a toxin. But this does not happen when the substance is injected into your skin. Instead, when injected, the toxin simply interacts with your nerve endings. Its effects are temporary and only last a few months.

Will you still be able to make facial expressions after getting Botox shots?

You may have seen some celebrities who've had injections and now seem to have lost their ability to make normal facial expressions. Normally, this is due to an intense combination of plastic surgery, fillers, and Botox — not just a few Botox shots. If you want a more natural, subtle look, let your practitioner know prior to your injections. This is what most non-celebrities want from their Botox shots, and it is what most people get. 

Will you be able to go out in public after your Botox shots?

You can certainly go out in public if you want to, but your face will look a bit red and puffy for a while. This will wear off in a day or two, revealing your true results. For this reason, many patients do plan on staying home for a day or two after Botox, but whether or not you do the same is completely up to you. 

Will your face be numb where you got the shots?

No: Botox interacts with the nerve endings associated with your muscles, causing them to relax so your wrinkles fade. It does not interact with the nerve endings that affect your sense of touch. You will still be able to feel the injection area and your entire face after this treatment.

If you have any other questions about Botox, don't hesitate to ask a practitioner, as they are happy to answer any question that could be on your mind. They know this treatment can be a little strange the first time around, and they're prepared to help you understand it.