What Is IV Therapy and Will It Work for You?

Posted on: 1 September 2022


When you go to the salon or medical spa, there is often a new and modern beauty or alternative health treatment to try out. Your local med spa may even offer something called IV therapy, which can sound as intimidating as it does intriguing.

Learn what IV therapy is and if it's right for you and your family. Your med spa specialist can also help you understand more about IV therapy and walk you through the process of this modern type of self-care.

What is IV therapy?

IV therapy is considered a medical intervention to help the body restore itself after nutritional or digestion stress. IV therapy is not to be confused with IV hydration, which is a similar type of therapy but not the same.

Nutritional supplements and fluids are administered to the body via an inserted needle and then pushed into the body over time using gravity and a bag that holds the fluids. Depending on how healthy or visible your veins are, your IV needle will be inserted in your wrist, forearm, foot, or even your neck—should you choose to get IV therapy for yourself.

IV therapy can only be done under medical supervision, so you're most likely to see this type of therapy offered in a medical spa. When getting IV therapy, it's best to lie back and relax for a while so you can get the most out of your treatment. Bring a book or a light hobby with you so you can stay relaxed and sit still while your IV therapy does its job.

Will IV therapy work for you?

IV therapy isn't for everyone, although it can be beneficial to you. If you have recently been ill and have lost a lot of weight due to being unable to eat, keep water or other liquids down, or if you have come back from vacation or something else and your body feels run down, IV therapy can work well for you.

Always clear any body treatments you have done with your medical doctor before moving forward, especially if you have a digestive issue or a medically treated issue. Your IV therapy specialist should know what your goals in IV therapy are and what restrictions you have for your therapy needs so they can create a custom treatment plan for you. You can get IV therapy as often as you feel you need it to keep your body in check and maintain a healthy balance.