3 Things To Know Before Getting Botox

Posted on: 27 March 2018

There are a lot of benefits of getting older. As we age, we tend to become wiser and more confident in our life decisions. While we may mature mentally as the years go by, physically things begin to change. As you head into your late twenties and early thirties, you may begin to notice fine lines and wrinkles developing. These lines will begin to deepen as you head into your forties and beyond.
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3 Advantages Of Using Fat As A Dermal Filler

Posted on: 16 October 2017

Dermal fillers are an easier method than surgery to reduce lines and wrinkles, which gives your skin a smoother appearance. With many types of fillers available, you may want to consider using your own fat as the dermal filler material. One Substance, Multiple Uses If you are considering a body contouring procedure that involves liposuction, you may also want to consider using the same fat as a dermal filler. Many people choose their abdomen or buttocks as the donor site to harvest fat.
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Dealing With Acne Scars: Treatments You Can Try

Posted on: 29 September 2016

Acne scars can be embarrassing and have a negative effect on your self esteem. Whether you have mild darkening in your skin where acne has once thrived or you have deep pock marks that make your cheeks, chin, and forehead look uneven, there are treatments you can use to help improve the appearance of your facial skin. Here are treatments you can try to improve your skin's health and appearance after suffering from severe acne.
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Extreme Facial Makeover! Five Ways To Overhaul Your Face

Posted on: 23 August 2016

Facial plastic surgery is not just for the stars anymore. More and more people, including teenagers and tweens are having cosmetic procedures on their faces. Why? Because you can finance it or take out a loan for it, something which was not that common in the Golden Age of Hollywood. Here are five ways to overhaul your face, regardless of your age. Rhinoplasty A "nose job" is one of the top facial procedures requested by patients.
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